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Modular on the Mall

Official FREE modular synth concert series for the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia communities

We are thrilled to give our local and visiting artists a place to play modular synths live and in front of an audience right here in America's most visited national park, where the past, present, and future come together. 


The event occurs at The DC War Memorial on weekends during the warmer months of the year. Follow us on ThreadsInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest updates. Check out the fabulous performances on YouTube, too!

This concert series is inspired by the organizer Patrick O'Brien's performance at Catharsis on the Mall in 2018. After performing his modular synthesizer live on the National Mall, he wanted to provide a space for other performers to have a similar experience.

Stay connected with us in between shows. We'll keep it short.

You are too kind. Thank you for that!

Modular on the Mall resonant glass

Support the show by getting some Mall Merch!

T-shirts, mugs, candles, glassware, blankets, and more

2024 Schedule of Events

June 16, 7:00 PM
Industrial Grade Acid
Jamie Kowalski

July 20, 7:00 PM

The Wake Up
Whole Nother
Saddle Up the Robots

Xenon Chameleon

September 28, 7:30 PM
artists TBD

October 19, 7:00 PM
artists TBD


Artist Alumni

We've had 67 performances with 46 artists so far

Thank you to these top-notch performers for sharing your musical stories with us since we started in July 2021.


B_X_R_N_X_R_D, Chaka Benson, Atograph, Blakmoth, Trovarsi, shredderghost, Copacaballa, The Pseudoscientists, June Lopez, Noah Totten, WetSoul, Matt Ling, Graham Watson, Deathguard-Oliver, Tangent Universes, Energy Runner, TALsounds, Gabe Churray & POB


Unspooled, Jess Makler, Jamie Kowalski, 17Cortland, Atograph, Copacaballa, Chuck W., WetSoul, Huron, DJ Cherishtheluv, Ri Caragol, Chaka Benson, Evan Angello, Don Nothing, Oxalis, Energy Runner, Tyler Charles, Truck, Medenine, Heather Stebbins, Matt Ling, Tangent Universes, Jerry Kaba, Synthador, Blakmoth, Null Phi Infinity, Resonant Space, POB, Marie Ann Hedonia



Synthador, Marie Ann Hedonia, Ali The Architect, POB, Johno Wells, Copacaballa, Medenine, Tyler Charles, Chaka Benson, Resonant Space, SCIF, Null Phi Infinity, Patch Node, DJ Cherishtheluv, Blakmoth, Minimal Oscillations, Ri Caragol, Heather Stebbins, Audible Void, Energy Runner

DC War Memorial during a Modular on the Mall show

The Location

Events will be held at the DC War Memorial on the National Mall

This circular, open-air, Doric structure, was built with the purpose of being both a memorial and a bandstand. DC native John Phillip Sousa attended the memorial's dedication ceremony back in 1931, leading the US Marine Band in a 20-minute performance. Now, 90 years later, we’ve brought the bandstand back, this time with 20-minute performances from our modular community. 

Performers and attendees meet on the bandstand to listen to the unique sounds reverberating from the dome. There's also room to spread out on the lawn, surrounded by many shade trees. Bring a blanket, food, and lots of your friends for an afternoon of awesome modular music. You can even bring your pup! (with a leash)

Restrooms are located between the DC War Memorial and the World War II Memorial. (link) There's also a refreshment stand near the Lincoln Memorial that offers lunches, snacks, and drinks. (link)

Metro, parking, and rideshare options

Here are the best ways to get to the event

Parking near the Tidal Basin at the National Mall

Driving to the event?

Johno Well performs his modular synthesizer at Modular on the Mall

Want to Perform?

If you're a modular synth artist in Washington, DC, or if you plan to visit the area in the future, we'd be happy to have you play!



POB, Organizer

Amoreena, Host

Modular on the Mall

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