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Rest in Patch

A Tribute to Patch Node

Modular synth artists from around the world have come together for this tribute album to help support the family of Craig Fishkin, aka Patch Node, who passed away unexpectedly in January 2022. You may have known Craig on Instagram as @patchnodemusic or seen his community curation account as @patch_node.

This album is free for anyone to download on Bandcamp, in hopes that you will consider contributing directly to the family’s GoFundMe during this difficult time:

Thank you to these artists for keeping Craig’s memory and legacy alive with this collaboration:
Blakmoth, Brennan Fowler, Chaka Benson, Colloboh, DJ CherishTheLuv, Energy Runner, HART, Hynadelux, Jeabzz, Johno Wells, June Lopez, M Dee L A, Mario Landeros, Marth Daul, Null Phi Infinity, POB, Rando Arand, Raulzzzito, Resonant Space, Rick Batyr, SCIF, Synthador, The Grey Men, Tyler Charles, WetSoul, and XOR.

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