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Find the best places to park

Walking time: 5-20 minutes

Parking can be free in some places, but you may have to still pay at some spots near the Mall.  Download the ParkMobile app, which many parking spots use to make payments.

Unfortunately, there is no parking at this memorial, however, there are a few options:

  1. Along West Basin Drive SW (link)

  2. Along Ohio Drive SW (link).

  3. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bookstore at 121 West Basin Dr. SW, Washington, DC 20418.

From those locations, cross over Independence Ave SW to get to the DC War Memorial.


There's parking near the Washington Monument at 1540 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC, 20024. 


A couple of other spots are a bit farther away, but there are plenty of spots. The parking lots are located south of the Jefferson Memorial:

  1. Parking Lot A (link)

  2. Parking Lot B (link)

From Parking Lots A and B, head towards the George Mason Memorial (when you start walking, you'll go under a couple of bridges with the Potomac River on your left side), then cross the Ohio Drive Bridge and walk the tourist path to the right along the Tidal Basin. You will go past the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial before crossing Independence Ave SW to get to the DC War Memorial.


You can also park along Constitution Ave NW (link), which runs east/west on the north side of the National Mall. Walk across the Mall lawn then circle around the World War II Memorial. Look for signs to the DC War Memorial, and you’ll find it near the JFK Hockey Fields tucked away on the left. (link)

If you walked to the Lincoln Memorial, you went too far. 

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